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Turning Great
Ideas Into Reality.

Have a brilliant idea? Don't waste any time, allow me to transform it into fully functioning software today!

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I have four years of programming experience and I've worked with multiple giants from the industry. I'm adept in languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript & Kotlin.

Optimized Software

I always tend to write the most optimized code possible in order to ensure your product is achieving optimal results and is at peak performance, even under insane stress conditions.

Problem Solving

I'm an extremely adept problem solver who uses intricate thinking in order to create the best solutions for the most difficult of tasks.


Hello, I'm Morărescu Mihnea!

A Software Engineer based in Romania, Bucharest. I'm a Computer Science student with 4 years of programming experience. I have a creative mindset that focuses on imagining new ideas for your projects and constructing scalabe software to achieve the best possible performance.


No matter the size of the project, I'll always be a good fit to construct software while utilizing the Spigot API. My knowledge includes other popular frameworks, such as BungeeAPI, Velocity Proxy, CraftBukkit, NMS & Sponge.


I can build you a fully functional and well optimized application, using the hottest frameworks out there, such as Spring, Struts, JavaFX, Apache C++ STL, APR and so on. I also have experience with commonly used services, like Docker or Kubernetes, which come in handy when working on larger projects.


My skills include commonly used database solutions, such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL or Redis. I always build applications utilizing the most lightweight techniques for data fetching. I create safe data processing applications in order to remove the risk of data leaks or SQL injections.


I can help you install and configure different software solutions on your server, manage your server traffic and load, automatize tasks, schedule a server-wide update, create Docker images and much more!

If you are in need of high quality, well optimized and scalable software, don't hesitate to reach out to me! I'm very friendly and always happy to assist potential customers.